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    1. Droid Buddy is designed for a android Operating System. Only way to use DB2 on a windows is to use a android emulator like Nox

      1. I would have thought that as there are windows versions of kodi that there would be a way other than emulator… always find things are slower via emulator… so far fastest i found is bluestacks… but droid buddy on windows would be nice

  1. Hello just a quick question, I have tried using happy chick and dolphin emulator for GameCube and neither are working? Do youhave any suggestions on what I should do or are they just not working. Thank you

    1. TBH I not personally used either of them. Happy chick was clunky and after using RetroX ( which is a paid emu ) I didnt need other emulators. I will look to see if there is a new ver.

    2. Stella for Atari has worked on many systems over the years no problems. Another good one is MAMe, you can download a loaded one and its filled with roms.
      c64 I used Vice 2.0 a better one is out however I dont remember its name.
      Cleminto spelled different is a c64 emulator that is paid version only comes with preloaded games. like 5 or seven years ago I found a cracked version and it was a bit of work to install but games did run in it with some bonus options like screen shot and record game play.
      pouet has a page full of emulators free and look at c64 database inside textfiles.com Jason Scott will help you, just send email, he loves retro era.
      Hope something above is useful for you.
      FIBER0PTIC/FBR, The HUMBLE Guys, Napalm, and Worship.

  2. I have installed Droid buddy 2on tablet and is fine but on my fire stick doesn’t work it show’s install but after it goes to home screen to show all options keeps popping up on separate screen if want close Droid buddy even try uninstalling it and reinstalled it but still same thing happen what should do

    1. I sow in a video installing DB2 on a gen1 fire stick and never a issue.. Could it be your stick is getting too full? Maybe its corrupted userdata? go to fires apps/droid buddy 2 clear cache and clear data. See if that corrects it. Which method you installing db2?

  3. Space is an issue on Fire Stick and Phones. here is a few rather pointless things you can do before and it has worked for me on multiple OS platforms.

    Reboot..Reboot..Reboot… three times, sometimes it just cant complete an operation or it takes that many passes to cycle the code out of memory.
    Kodi is evil at leaving things in memory, many times logout login has fixed problems.

    Make a new folder on you device… MOVE the .apk ,exe .zip whatever to that folder. make folder close to the root dir, short as possible, under 128 chars, shorter the better.
    Again, moving the file it could correct itself and maybe the fat table was causing the issue.

    Some systems have an issue with uppercase or lowercase chars, also avoid spaces in filenames, %20 has caused me problems in the past when going cross platform.

    FIBER0PTIC / FBR, The HUMBLE Guys, Napalm, and Worship.

  4. Hi having a quick peek at Kobra XXX but after installing it asks for master lock code, any ideas cheers and thank you buddy 2 looks awesome thanks

    1. If you use es file explorer or another file explorer on your device there should be a DOWNLOADS folder inside external storage on most devices

  5. Hello,

    I’m trying to make my sd card on my fire tv the location for downloads but when I do “check download path” it states it’s not ok. I have 24gb available on the sd card? Am I doing something wrong? The path is storage/sdcard1

    1. Ive not tested a sd card on my AFTV.. it could be that DB app is not allowed by aftv to write to that card. Im on vac atm so cant test my aftv. What if you used atfv normal storage and moved any files you wanted manually with es file explorer?

      1. Yeah let me try that method. I want to download some of the files and they fill up the aftv quickly. Love db 2!

  6. I was looking at the music options. I see YouTube music on there and downloaded. Is this a patched version, I tried to see if it was YouTube red so I could go to the home screen and still listen to music but I can’t. I tried lucky patcher but that was no go. Is this version on YouTube music anything special?

    1. I been looking for more music apk.. not many of them atm. Fildo is one but yes they close once you back out. I have been on teh look out for more music apk. If you hear of one let me know

  7. Can you please add armv7 neon codec in tools section from MX player site for terrarium tv app, installing terrarium tv on firestick requires this codec, cheers

  8. I downloaded Droid Buddy. Both Mobdro and Terrarium both download but don’t install. Am I doing something wrong? I’m a rookie so please bear with me. Both of these worked initially but now say App not installed.

  9. Hello,

    I was hoping someone could give me some help. I’ve been putting together my own builds for awhile now. My biggest issue is not understanding what these apps are actually doing in the background.

    For instance a streaming app doesn’t connect. Is it the connection, the app itself, is it missing a resolver, does it need f4m tester or sports devil installed to work? How can I trouble shoot issues? What does f4m and sports devil do for me anyways?

    My biggest pet peeve is once I install, trouble shoot, keep or delete the addons. My kodi build starts to run sluggish. To the point where it’s frustrating to use.

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

    I use kodi 17.3.
    Titan skin. (I enjoy all the custom colour options)
    Android 6 box, with 912 processor, 3gb ram 32gb storage.


    1. The best practice is to not install tons of addons if your concern is speed for box.
      Many addons need certain dependencies or modules and if they do they will auto install when you install the aDDON.
      If your main concern is speed then decide what 4-6 addons you want and leave the rest out. If you dont care about live you can make a build is Metalliq, covenant, elysium, bob unleashed, eim. With those metalliq can search using any of those addon scrapers.

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